We Worship


At Auburn Alliance Church we believe that God has given certain responsibilities in life and ministry to certain groups.  In other words, every aspect of life has someone looking out for it.  This is the Biblical doctrine often called "jurisdiction". 


The local church has been given jurisdiction over at least four areas of life and ministry, including the one highlighted here:  worship.  Worship at AAC is not just something that happens on a Sunday morning. No!  Worship should characterize every moment of our lives.  When we gather together, we corporately worship in many different ways, including the singing of hymns and songs. 


Our church practices what you might call 'blended' corporate worship.  We sing hymns.  We sing praise songs.  We sing choruses.  We sometimes even sing Sunday School-type songs.  The point is that we sing - together and in praise of Him. 


Won't you come join us?